Saturday, April 8, 2006

Joy comes in the morning

This is actually the title of one of the audio books that I listened. Of course, like many other books, this book is about the pursuit of a sense of self.

As I was going down to the basement to check on my laundry, I found myself floating in a sea of joyful feeling.

Then, this thought occurred to me, “Joy comes in the morning.”

It was this morning when I finally did what I have longed to do for all these time.

I gave an abbreviated lesson on the information processing models and their implications on learning.

The powerpoint used in this class was actually the shortened version of the one I used for the Educational Psychology class.

The purpose of today’s lecture and the ensuing lectures is to share with the parents the current advances in our understanding about brain and learning.

It is my expectation that such an understanding will be of some help for the future learning with them and their children.

If you ask whether I have conducted some scientifically based studies to evaluate the effectiveness of the program, the answer is “No.”

Then, when am I feeling so happy shall there be not yet tangible and quantifiable evidence to prove the positive outcome of my efforts?

It might sound funny but it is true…

I have, in many previous postings, indicated my effortful attempt to be a disbeliever.

Due to the circumstances, I need to make myself disbelieve all perceptions regarding my personal being for the psychotic symptoms have made it impossible for me to distinguish between what is real and what is not real. I actually have to refrain myself from even thinking about such disbelief.

Essentially, it is the detachment from such a belief that is keeping me kicking.

I suspect that, the day I decide to let go of such an effortful act to remain detached would be the day when the symptoms start overtaking my being.

The I came to the realization that…

I do have beliefs.

It is OK to believe in something...

I am allowed to have beliefs!!!

I believe the importance of engaging parents in their children’s education.

I believe that parents should be given the same preparation and training as the teachers-in-training.

Such are my beliefs and I have no doubt about it.

In a sense, it is a relief to me to allow myself to be a believer in something…

It also makes me feel like walking in the cloud when I am given the opportunity to act on my belief.

Believe it or not, joy comes in the morning when I have to cut my sleep short to get ready for my teaching… lol :-)

And, yes, I had a dream that, one day, I could have beliefs.