Friday, January 28, 2005

At the very beginning, there was Ratopia. Then, there's ratology.

My name is ratprincess. I was born in the year of rat. That's the reason why I call myself "Ratprincess."

I first came up with the term "ratology" when I was going through my first psychotic episode. In my delusions and auditory hallucinations, people were gossiping about me and people were spying on me. I decided to start writing about my experiences as the center of gossips and attention. I gave "ratology" as the title of my writing. Ratology is equivalent to psychology except it's for the rodent population in the utopia of rodents.. also known as "Ratopia". Eventually, I stopped working on my book "Ratology".

Time went by fast. I had recovered from my first psychotic episode and still recovering from my second psychotic episode. Within this time frame, I had also gone through the process of coming up with a dissertation topic, running my dissertation study, and finishing my dissertation. Along the way, I managed to present my study results at conferences.

Recently, I have undergone a lot of changes in life.. I broke up with my boyfriend, my sister move out from my place, I felt my work on my dissertation was not being appreciated, I need to find a job fast, and my legal status to remain in the US is up in the air. The synergistic effects of all these have caused me to be at the brink of breaking down once more. In the face of depression, I decided to take the risk of upping my dosage of zoloft with the hope that the medication will help me to see the world from different perspectives.
My blog will be a way for me to preserve my life as a loony and hopefully will be helpful to some. What I will be reporting here would be my real life stories. I can not imagine whether it would be a comedy or a tragedy. I could only hope that, despite of all the ups and down in the story line, there will be a happy ending.

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