Friday, January 28, 2005

The day after I upped my dosage in Zoloft

To day is the second day that I upped my dosage for Zoloft.

Believe me. I would never imagine that this day would come when I actually told my psychiatrist and therapist that there is a need for me to increase the dosage of my medication. For the past few years, I have been working on cutting meds down rather than asking for the increase.

Starting from a couple weeks again, depression hit me like the asteroid that hit the earth and resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs (of course, if this theory holds true). Life hasn’t been pleasant. I have been constantly experiencing anxiety and depressed mood at the same time. I couldn’t stop telling myself, “This is not a way to live.” I tried very hard to make myself believe in the positive thoughts that are available once in a while. However, at a stage when the generation of positive thoughts is rare, there doesn’t seem to be much hope in making myself believe in these positive thinking.

Yesterday was a day when I decide to find an alternative way to help myself see alternatives. The dosage of Zoloft was upped. It got rid of most of the anxiety. However, what I experienced was pure apathy… Today, still, flatness is what I feel and what I see. Speaking is an activity that consumes too much energy for me to engage in.

I am lucky that my coworkers are supportive and empathetic. Also, regardless of my psychological downfalls, I am still capable of performing most of the tasks that are required at work. The entire day, I put myself into work. Funny that I could work but I found it so difficult to either smile or talk.

Like what I did for the entire day today, yesterday and all those days before, I could only live one moment at a time and expect a better time to come in the near future. Maybe, in a few days, the antidepressant would really start helping me lifting my spirits up, rather than simply turning me into a zombie with no joy, no pains, and no sorrows.

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