Tuesday, June 12, 2007

again-- to live

I was told by an esteemed gentleman the other day that he likes my philosophy.

I was not quite sure what my philosophy was but I happily took the compliment with me.

While I was taking my shower, I got an epiphany.

Shall there be anything I could conceive of that is close to a philosophical statement... that would be...

To live, to be in phenomona, in health and in sickness, in good thing, bad thing and everything else in between.

It then occurs to me that what sustains my life is phenomenology- to see and not to see, to hear and not to hear, to sense and not to sense, to feel and not to feel. :-O

Yet, the most important thing now is-- to sleep (especially when my mom is not to spare me with her nagging). lol

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