Monday, July 2, 2007

To die for

In my opinion, the act of overestimating one's own ability is the most sinful sin.

I ran out of cigarettes and needed to get some more from the store. Although my mom has now learned to get everything from the store, I did not think it was quite so appropriate to send her out to get my smokes for me.

Already feverish (although on drugs that should relieve fever), without the back support, I walked down the block with my wallet to get one of two things that I would die for... smoke being one and, meds, the other-- both are good at killing me slowly-- so they say.

The moment I hit the street, I realized that it was a major league mistake to get out of the house without the back support. Yet, since back paddling is nothing close to my nature, I dragged on to have the mission completed while being in awe about what an Idiot (with a capital I) I am the whole trip.

Back home, no longer do I know where to place the ice pack... Lower back? Mid back? Upper back? Shoulders? Neck? Or my fore head?

Thinking that it is an easy job to be Ratprincess the Invalid?

During my trip to my therapy today, I realized that I can now walk about the same speed as my mother and my gaits are much smoother than before.

However, like the princess having trouble sleeping on the matress with peas lying underneath, I can tell you easily whether there is a right angle between the road and the direction of gravity.

This makes me to have a second thought about maintaining my royal status...

For you, think again before you wish yourself to be me...

It might be great to be the prince of the Great Britain. Yet, it might not be all that to be the Ratprincess of Ratology. :-(

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