Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From a piece of crap, refurbished to recycling

It came up in my conversation with a friend, whom I was yelling at all night while hanging out the other day, the differentiation between my current state and the state of refurbished items.

Following is the Ratology Classification for these interlinked concepts (I am emphazing the word interlinked because the membership to each of these classifications are not mutually exclusive):

  1. A piece of crap-- An object in such classification could be used or not be used... it is sort of like the classification of schizophrenia (something I have discuss profusely in the past few year) and Fibromyalgia (something new in my useless discussion lol :-x)-- both terms are used as a catch-all garbage can because patients assigned with these diagnoses exhibit symptoms or patterns of symptoms otherwise not classified or unexplainable. Fibromyalgia, for instance, might come handy not too far down the road for the health professionals (my hypothesis to be tested) to use as a label for my diffused pain pattern (which means I got pain everywhere when the pains are bad). I believe that people are often very ready to use this classification because it is one so very generally applicable while not adding any meaning or ways of reviving the utility to the piece-of-crap state of the object (which I believe is something I have the propensity for so very naturally and so very often) lol :-x
  2. Recycled item-- something that could be reused while its properties might have suffered a bit during the recycling process (redistribution process) or as a result of the ordinary usage in its pre-recycled state.
  3. Refurbished item-- something that was broken but is lucky enough that they actually could be fixed and be used at their highest capacity... Their capacity after being refurbished might suffer or diminish to a certain degree, yet, they could still carry out the tasks they are designed to perform without the need for deliberate alteration on the user' part.

For instance, I prefer to reuse the envelopes other people have used to mail things to me if possible because, with certain modifications to the current state of these objects, they still have the capability to be put to good use. For me, these used envelopes are not refurbished items since it takes a lot of work for me to figure out how to put them back to use-- and, this is why I would term them as recycled objects.

At the same time, once these envelopes are fixed by me to a state of being able to carry out the functionality they were designed for--- I could actually consider them as the refurbished items because they now could be used without further deliberate alternations on my end.

Of course, for some other people, these used items could just be pieces of craps and they would have been easily retired in the garbage can or the recycling bin.

Back to the discussion I had with my friend who got yelled at by me profusely lol :-x, the light ball went off at some point...

I am not yet qualified to be classified as a refurbished item-- an item undergoing the refurbishing process, maybe... :-O lol

In effect, on a second thought, I am more or less like all those used items, waiting for me to figure out or uncover the potential usability and the degree of recycle-ability...

As a matter of the fact.... some of them have also gotten retired by me and gotten dumped into the recycling bin (lol) because, despite of all my efforts, I just could not put them back to work (and hopefully, they do get eventially recycled in the conventional sense).

Unfortunately, with me myself, the option doesn't really exist for me to dump my coocoo head and my piece-of-crap state of the body (and plausibily mind as well)...

And, I guess this is the reason why I am so very obsessive about digging out the least possible sense of meaning out of the apparent (to me at least) meaninglessness in my life.

And, I guess, this is why I am trying so hard to make as much use as possible-- whatever part of me that still has functionality-- for, other parts still await to be upgraded to become refurbished.

lol :-( :-O

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