Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Since last Friday night's bummer and the ensuing continuous electrifying experiences, as I mentioned, my walking, miraculously, became better cuz the thing that got me stuck suddenly disappear.

My new gain ability to walk more like a normal ratprincess, yet, did not come without a price.

It occurs to me that, despite the smoother gait and my new gain ability to lift my legs off the ground, my body gets tired easier.

I used to have the stamina to move for blocks before having to take a rest. Now, it is like a block is the limit.

Even though the initial steps are nice and swift, my body gets tired easily and my speeds gradually slows down when needing to find somewhere to sit down to regain my strength and walkability.

In addition, like what the doctor said, the condition might have just gotten exacerbated, to the extent that I am also having problem sitting for longer than maybe 10 minutes without having to get up and move a little bit. More generally, I just get tired so much more easily and the neural activities seem to be causing some disturbances to my ordinary sleeping patter.

Guess, again, nothing is perfect and I never promise you a rose garden.... lol

When out to do my walking exercises, maybe I should consider carrying with me one of those walkers that can turn into a seat instead... (and have that foldable chair collapsed under me again? oh no... not again... lol)

It was my realization this past two weeks that I had not been able to do almost since after the accident cuz, if I recall correctly, during my ordinary walking exercise, I had been dragging all along.

It would have been an interesting documentation to put clips of my walking throughout the past 2 months. Unfortunately, I have not really been strong enough and not to motivated enough to carry a camera with me to collect artifacts for the given documentation.

Results of my documentation should resemble something like the following.... lol

To be serious, I never knew how important it is to have the ability to lift one's leg until, finally, the ability, regained. (sigh)

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