Monday, February 4, 2008


So I went to the church yesterday because, the day before, I was afraid of the doggie downstairs getting a sore throat from barking for the owner... lol and I assume the owner might be in Starbucks.

Then, I went to the church.

On other ordinary days, I would just sit there and hear nothing and rest.

However, after I sat and rested for a bit, I started hearing God's voice and using me as a medium to speak to other people.

Then, I started feeling that I can actually channel with other people.

Later on, I heard children in the church... and, I "realized" that they could hear me.... and I heard them say that they could hear me... 8-O oops... positive, no good.

Since there are children around and since I thought the children could hear me, I tried really hard to control the thoughts in my head, not to think about child molester and the associated pain and I thought something like...

"Children... study hard, study hard, and study hard. Let me hypnotize you to make sure you could study hard and be what you could be. Be happy. Don't eat too much candy because it might get you cavities."

And, somewhere along my thoughts, I used the word, "Shit."

Then, I thought...

"Children... don't every do what I do because what I do is bad modeling."

8-O lol

Then, I came out of the church... and... the entire scenarios reminds me of what happened before I went into the hospital the second time... when people could not stop hearing the thoughts from my heart and I was feeling so sorry about the imaginary damages done(at least you have the choice to not read my blog... lol).

Stepping outside of the church... I said, witch hunt. I don't know why but I just thought of witch hunt.

Reenactment again. I sighed.

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