Monday, February 4, 2008

She knows

I heard this phrase in my ear the entire day...

"She knows..."

So--- regardless how I might want to interpret these 2 words-- self-referencing ideology, auditory hallucinations, the you-know-what speaking to me or, better yet, someone really reading my blog (and I just had a friend of mine speaking to me about my blog)...

I thought to myself...

What do these two words entail?

Do I want to react?

Do I want to repeat myself?

I decided in this posting to embrace the worldview of all things I observed are reality shared by all other normal people…

To me, I know that….

She knows there are people that are reading and plausibly people in the field of clinical research so that, by her describing the phenomena that are mostly undescribable, hopefully, such information, at least, could provide some additional information for the clinicians and researchers in training or already in the field? (This is the only way I could possibly have any kind of the help other than popping pills to contribute to global economy, until the day comes when someone thinks there might be some specific kind of information, to contribute, which I could not think of yet due to the limitations of my head. )

She knows she is talking to spirits? Then, since 舉頭三尺有神明, listens to your own guardian angels... regardless whether someone in the 21st century like you believe in spirits or not. (refer to previous posting)

So, shall I go along with the hypothesis that people do read what I write and some part of my perceptions are reality (although it doesn't really matter to me since the only measure of interferences is distractibility), it would be my moral responsibility to remind you again what I have mentioned before (which is to make me sound like a broken record)... Folie à deux. (refer to previous posting)

Then, going back again to a previous posting… how do you even know I am who you think I am? (refer to previous posting)

When would be the time for you to step aside and look back at the mental model you have developed all these time and how it had come about surrounding this ratology thing?

(and, yes, I did get the OK from the ghosts, spirits, devils, angels and otherwise not specified to make this post. And, shall none of these have come out of my head, blame all those mentioned above because nothing I say has anything to do with me since I am but a typist. lol

And, by the way, apparently, after I was reborn, I am very much back to be myself and start to get the urge of to knock on the back of your head. lol)

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