Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The limit

I think today is the day when I hit the limit again... except for this time involves the degree of severity and frequency for the occurrences of hallucinations and delusions.

I called up my psychiatrist to tell him that it is time for the dosage to go up because I know if I wait for longer I will be really going off.

I guess, in addition to the cyclical nature of psychosis, the fact that I am returning to work also poses extra amount of stress on me.

As I have mentioned before... when stress occurs and when conditions start to fly, without intervention such as medication, things will start to spiral down.

And, it is not really like I am using so much of my head nowadays anyway and it is not like my head is in any capacity close to be fast.... (slow and stop) 8-O lol

I would have loved to hold down for one more day to see how the symptoms might unfold… unfortunately, can’t do myself wrong despite of my temptation to hang on even more…

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