Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thin ice- revised

I know I am really walking on thin ice... and, to ensure my own security, I think I will only be able to hold on for a day or two....

What has been revealed in my most recent postings, I think, is how patients with psychosis gradually start to lose ground of reality... a point when the second measure of interferences takes on an essential role... differentiability.

To make it even more explicit, I am finding the monitoring part of my cognition to start losing ground--- measured by the proportion of time or the frequency of my not being able to catch myself pondering about the delusions and hallucinations.

The whole process must have occurred far beyond these past few days or even weeks because it is a gradual process that takes time to unfold.

If there is really anyone in the field reading my blog and if you are interested in understanding the phenomenology associated with the unfolding process, I sincerely suggest you to go back to at least months ago to gain a better picture about the process and to figure out what kinds of implications such understanding might have in the prevention and intervention for patients with the psychotic inclinations.

For those who me care, I might need your help a bit more to remind me to bring myself back to the "reality" rather than my "imaginary world" although, it is OK if you don't know how to do it since I yet still have to get it figure out myself.... and, by the way, I don't really think it will work at this point for you to ask me, "Are you in reality" since this is when the Coldfusion starts to take place and when one starts to have only one set of reality.... lol

At the same time, if you have now developed in your mind what kinds of techniques might work, you are more than welcome to test it out on me or let me know how I should have it tested out on myself as long as it is not going to result in the speeding up of the exacerbation of my condition and cause no damage to me... (Ratology IRB guideline) lol

And, of course, I will be trying to give you feedback either through this blog or in carne, in osso as well... (just gotta figure out how to do it without making me or making me appear to be going more off... 8-O)

In addition, it is very apparent that the part of cognition involving comprehension and analytics seem to be still relatively intact... just an estimate though while I suspect there might start to be more error variance involved in my estimations--- non-linear progression...

Another point I want to bring up before moving on with my everyday life is... look for the trend, above and beyond the contents... just like how the song goes... it's not what you say (only) but how you say it...

I know it might be known already except for I just need to say it to make

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