Monday, February 4, 2008


Coming out of the church, I was very tired... ya... all those.. you know.. are actually very energy draining and could take a toll on you.

So I sat down by the post office to rest, still can not stop worrying whether I am bombarding children with my thoughts...

Till I finally could rest... and... people's speech just come into my head and disappear... sort of like ships passing in the dark sea....

And, at some point, I felt myself started to dissolve and evaporated--- disappear into the air and leaving nothing more than the layers of clothing I have worn on that bench.

I was gone... but I was there.... and... no longer could my existence to any harm.

Then, I had the feeling that my body came back like the growing balloon expanding with air.

I rested a bit more till I knew it was time to move.

Dead and reborn.

Reenactment again.

So I thought.

And, I shivered and I felt cold.... and later I found out I got a cold. 8-O lol

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