Friday, February 1, 2008


My psychiatrist asked me to day... isn't the concept of death so very.... sort of like scary....

Ok... it has to do with the fact that, after I challenged my hallucinations last night, I heard my voice told me...

"Smoking is going to kill you."

Wow... didn't know that the psychotic symptoms could adjust to your request... 8-O lol

My response was...

"Then, there goes back to Victor Frankle. When death is inevitable and the final destination, all that you could do is to hold on to life."

Live as you could.

Live a life that could make you happy.

Live the way you want to live despite of restriction and consequences... such as having to eat the whole Jalapeño and chow on ice the whole night shall that be how you want life to be.

Life is what you choose it to be, rain or shine.

It is what you choose to see… up to a certain point…. (and, of course, what do I know.... could only tell thee what I want to say to thee... lol)

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