Tuesday, February 5, 2008

React not

React not is an art.

It had moved me through many a day. However, react not itself is not a remedy because, a lot of times, when we appear to not reacting to events, this already is the reaction.

The reason why it is an art is because... it continues to form and to shape and there, I guess, will not be a day when I could claim myself to be able to totally not reacting to my observations (of course, unless I stop kicking... then, even if you kick me, I still will not come back to hit you in the head.)

Guess this what you would call... life long learning...

So, I decided to react yesterday and that must have gotten my dear neurotransmitters exceptionally excited. Since the decision is mine to make, consequences is mine to take... especially when, thank God, in this day, the antipsychotic drug still works for me. Maybe the symptoms are really much more annoying.... such is not really so much of a consequences.... 8-O lol

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