Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Taking care of business

Have you ever had the feeling that sometimes people just care about you so much that... you just can not stop feeling for them and try to help them taking care of their business?

You know that they meant well but they still need time to tell you what they mean....

They try to help and they try to talk to you but they could only talk about the weather or etc

All these are acts of love and, at some point, you just say, thank you and you tell them that... I will move on in whatever way....

Life will go on, thank you for your concern and I will take care of my own business.

Life will go on, thank you, and, why don't you say what you mean?

And, why don't you smile at the people you care for to help them to say what they meant?

Have you pay for that space? :-)

And, perhaps, sometimes we just don't know how to repay that space we have occupied... and, would you please tell me and how would I help you telling me?

And, I guess, the doggie downstairs is telling me that it is a very common human problem... lol

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