Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Defectory Fool

Oliver Sacks' tails gives me a sense of comfort with the fools de defecto.

Many things worsen my nerve pains and, yesterday, specifically, the nerve pains are so bad that my weak tooth started to ache... throbbing kinda pain---

Yet, I was determined to get done with my physical therapy followed by the visit to the Orthopedics doctor.

Whatever it takes. Even only 2 things done in a day. I will do it.

In pain, thinking, I shall refrain...

Yet, I opened up his book and other people's story I read.

Clinically defined organic deficits and imperfections.

Then, I read about this moron and this fool.

Rebeca, the moron and the fool, who falls on the two tails.

A casualty-- handicapped, crippled, incapacitated, broken, impaired- yet alive.

A fool that stroke to seek meaning in her deeds-- the things, in which, other people expected her to succeed.

"I must have meaning."

So she said- a quote from the book.

I thought for a second...

Could it be...

The search for meaning...

A curse, a common task, the driver to survival or the only thing to hold on to--- for defectory fools?

P.S. She did find her calling on the stage... a happy ending

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