Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lonely nights

So many a night

I sit home, a couch potato

Keeping me company


The programs on TNT

They say that it does not come with the basic plan

They say that, shall I receive it, it is called channel leaking

I keep my mouth shut since the day I found out the channel, thanks, again, leaks

Ode to the God or the Godess of my channel leaking

I gleed



Another Lonely Night

The night before, in Taiwan, I was born

Screen jumping

Image blurring

After all that is taken...

God is going to make me lose this as well...




image all gone

leaving me with

auditory hallucinations from TV... (seeing her react to the perfect gift... priceless... wow... this is really classic cause, once for a change, I could switch my auditory hallucinations on and off... :-O lol)

(And, God, says that how does this have anything to do with me. But I suspect it might have something to do with my calling him a sadistic bastard out loud at large this afternoon.... lol 8-O :-x)

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