Monday, December 17, 2007

The pencil

On my way to see my shrink and on the M4 bus that could have taken me all the way up to the monastery, this lady got a call.

Her children fighting over a pencil.

The younger daughter wanted that pencil.

The older one argued not letting go of the pencil.

A whole lot of cell minutes on that pencil.

One single used pencil....

I thought...

There was a point in my life when a pencil would make me happy...

There was also a point of my life when I could be that little girl... with a pencil to meet my desires and needs.

Wouldn't it be so wonderful to regain that simple heart?

A whole story about a pencil from end to start?

My eyes open; I thought only of the pencil and nothing more than that pencil...

Pencil I thought

Pencil-- the only thought

That's how I saw only my shrink today

For that pencil, I missed my bus stop. 8-O lol

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