Saturday, December 22, 2007


For a perfect gift I seek
Up and down to the abyss
For that gift I could not find
Bows I form the gift of mine

Then it came upon my mind
The gift I receive all so divine

For all the miles I trespassed
In Life
Stay with me
Your heart
A thousand miles

Then I seek that perfect gift
So I see the gifts for me
All your love in Winters' Cold
All the warmth in heart I feel

So I come back to make my bows
Artistic I am not
Crafty I am not

All I have for you
An imperfect soul
Wrapping up imperfect bow
My gift
Me and my thought

The gift
Repay you
Attempt could I not
All I have
The Bow
t's real
Though imperfect still be my gift
for thee

To thank you
my life

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