Sunday, December 30, 2007

The night before the last

Some days
You want to be alone
You want to recreate the 情薀 or Dasein
of being alone

Today is that kind of a day when I go--- well--- to hell

Let today be the day
when I get a drink by myself
Look at People
Among People
All alone
For worse or better
For no better or no worse

I sat
Sipped my drink
Knowing I exist
Looking at deligent people
At work
In leisure
Outside of the window
Whoever Wherever
In traffic or not
They go

Then the familiar song came
Bringing me back back 20 years ago
20 Years t'is past
What about another
Another day t'is then and
This year-- Out and about I am

The second last night to a year
I'll always remember
Reclaiming the once upon a time
By Myself
at the bar
on the street
many other places more
Many years after many more a freind

Pretend could I not yet
I am all alone...
What the hell am I talking about
For I can't make myself believe I am alone
For I am not alone
Never alone
8-O lol

(And, there goes again...

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