Monday, December 17, 2007


My last therapist, whom no longer do I have the authorization to visit, told me I shall not allow myself to be the big bad bug.

Control, thou shalt have.

So I try and I try... to spasm or not to spasm... that's no longer a question.

Down the road I walked from seeing my psychiatrist, these two young kids coming out of the Columbia Campus through the gate by Lerner Hall...

I saw this lady walking funny... not quite like she was having spasm but more like she was pretending herself having spasm... so I interpreted.

She making fun of me or the remaining of the spasming community? So my delusions thought.

So I stopped, lit a smoke, stood there facing their direction, seeing them off on a taxi, and still couldn't quite figure out what lies beneath.... like an ordinary psychotic would do.

Such mark my attempt to react to my delusions.... it's been a while...

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