Saturday, December 15, 2007

So I hang

Not so I hang myself to death


So I hang out with my friends... lol

All these monkey business about God, Buddhism, and whateverism kinda thing is signaling the red light...

Gotta make sure I go hang out and hit the bar...

Just to ensure, in addition to smoking, I am doing something more, theoretically (according to my naive theory), the really religious people won't do...

Regardless how airhead I am, the master of 空空ness, me not gonna be a nun... I do the human kinda thing called hanging out at the bar and, yesterday, I ate meat and a lot more... which could be classified as gluttony.

That's how I ensure that I am human... despite I am an alien-- and more actually, according to IRS, I am a resident alien, though, according to the justice department, I am a--- some kind of an alien... 8-O

No wonder I got identity crisis as manifested by all these different voices... lol

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