Thursday, January 31, 2008

Am I dead

Either it was when I woke up this morning or when going to sleep last night, my voice told me that I am not dead.

I thought to myself...

Gee... haven't you done the same trick God knows how many years ago?

Haven't you found me posting that not dead yet video?

Or, perhaps, my voice as a representation of bla bla bla just doesn't really believe that I don't believe I am not dead... 8-O lol

Regardless, as long as I am still kicking, I guess I just gotta keep on living... doesn't it sound very logical? And, why do you (my voices) have to even bring it up again to ensure that I know I am not dead with whatever scenario? 8-O lol

Hope that is not gonna give my voices the idea of giving me something new and unexpected for, donating the majority of my cognitive capacity to process pain-related tasks, I don't really have much head left for some special delivery kinda trick... 8-x lol

Is it practice effect we are talking about here? lol

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