Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The slope

When I was taking the regression class many million years ago, there were 3 of us in the study group.

I remember vividly up to today---

How one day, last minute cramp, we were studying about the line and the slope where all ys makes the line and a is the slope.


I was the tarded one in the group---

I stared into the air and try to see the line and the slope.

Yet, despite however hard I tried, I just could not see the line and the slope...

The smart girl said to me... "Forget about seeing that line... There is a line and let's move to the next topic."

I couldn't-- or I couldn't let go my inability to see the line... and I got stalled.

Then, somehow, some time, though I don't know when.... I saw the line and its slope.... and eventually, I moved forward... to other dilemmas of similar sort...

Only to find out...

It was not the line that was my issue, it was the slope---

freezing cold
only I could help myself training my strength
up and down the slope to the Riverside Park
I try
One day at a time
Much better to do
More steps to move forward each trial
With the slope

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