Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Young, the (relatively) Beautify and the Dumb

Ratology Vancouver

Looking back...

Pure like white flower kinda dumb... no wonder got dumped so many a time... lol sigh :-x

But isn't it not so bad that dumb ass to visit again?

Where art thou today?
I ask...


How true it is


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Ratology Barclay

How many days here mourning about jackasses after jackasses

Many a party night

Ratprincess' English Bay

They say the sunset is most beautiful by the English Bay.

Many a year I missed
Last 10 days I tried
Each day
Cloudy or too late

Living by the bay
I never got to see the sunset of the English Bay

All the missed opportunities
Opportunities to be missed

Ratology UBC

A house I lived in

Fairway Crescent
Better than resort

How many nights
Jackasses to think of


I think this is the SUB-- Student Union Building

Buchanan building

Where I used to use the computer lab up to 12:00 o'clock midnight

Museum of Anthropology

They say this is one of the museum you have to visit.
But, after three years of roaming around, I never got to go in here.

Love at first sight
This is where I found that eternal love of my life....
only much later to learn...
he got a long term girl friend long distance away.
Ya, me pure like them white flowers that you brought to my door.

Track down to the wreck beach

Wreck beach is the nude beach.
Another jackass of mine said that...
you would be in class listening to your professor 10 minutes ago
and see him naked under the sun on the beach.

Young, (relative) beautiful and Stupid

Somewhere to the East of Granville street
There lived the eternal love of mine
Once upon a time when I was so much younger and so much more stupid
Snowy day
Winter's night
2 o'clock
all buses stoped
by the stair I sat
only wish
You to see

How the wind blew
How crisp the scene was
Across the English Bay

Up and down this bridge...
On my bycicle I rode
Many a day
Many a sunset

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