Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pain and MDS

I decided to take an independent studies course this semester and wanted to do something with multidimensional modeling... When the professor asked what topic I wanted to study about, I had blank in my head and asked him for suggestions so that I could simply pick and choose.

Then, it was yesterday when it occurred to me... since I am so very well endowed with pain, why am I running around looking for topics yet too esoteric to me?

Since the pain was on its track of coming back, at some point, I had an insight...

Uh..... pain is a multidimensional phenomenon... since I have known now a few kinds of pains, maybe I shall work on some topic that is more relevant and something I could really understand.

Up to this point, I was thinking more along the line of... ok... stabbing, shooting, throbbing, needle pinching, numbing, negligible, tolerable, bearable, unbearable, constant, occasionally, incidental, etc... are some of the properties I could think of that are related to the dimensions of pain.

Then, despite of what I have spoken before about the consequences of pains... after I started to look for literature, and, after I found some work related to the topic of the multidimensionality of pain, I realized that...

No wonder rat brains are small...

No wonder they say in 三字經, "玉不琢 不成器 人不學 不知義."

No wonder Confucius said:「學而不思則罔,思而不學則殆。」

One simple model... the phenomena of pain includes both the experiences and the impacts. While the experiences involves the sensory, emotional and cognitive components, the potential impacts of pain could be manifested in areas such as functioning, affective status and quality of life.

So simple a multidimensional model covers all my mumble jumble for all these months.... 8-O

check the following link to--- I think the summary of a book chapter

Since this is going to be the topic of my study, I will be posting summaries of the articles I read in this blog to share with you.

And, sorry shall my writing here is a bit on the fuzzy side. I had to take a prescription grade pain killer after I finally got to work this morning... now the pains are not as bad but my head is simply in a haze... much worse than any other ordinary day... So, without pain killers I am not functional, after pain killers, I am still not functional... when is a good time to be functional? 8-O

And, guess this is why they tell you to not operate heavy machinery after taking the drug... 8-$

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