Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I observed something really funny yesterday afternoon when I was at work...

At a certain point, I found myself losing the sense of time....

I don't know how to describe it to you....

All that I could say is that... when I look around, say, now, I know I exist here in this room, typing this posting, with that feeling of "now."

However, started from certain point, I looked around... I saw everything but I could not feel that dimension called time. It was as if the 3-D space was just floating there... while time just froze...

Yet, since people continue to do their things, it could not be the time froze... and it's gotta be me simply slower than slow at least to myself...

When people came asking me for help, I found myself much slower--- so slow that it is as if I am a slow motion character in a normal speed film when both my thinking and movement appear to take a considerably longer duration.

And, btw, I did not get stoned--- I might be grass but smoke no grass... lol

Yet, at the same time, I don't really think that is what it feels like to be stoned even though I am not saying nothing about me getting stoned (no self-incrimination, just freedom of speech). lol

It is very funny an experience.

I have no idea why it occurs and I have no recollection when it went away.

I guess, the closest way to label it is called "time distortion" even though I have no idea whether this is what you would call time distortion.

The only thing I know is that... maybe something has to be done with my medication or maybe not.... 8-X

One thing I know is that feeling was just pure funny and did not really annoy me... as long as I do not operate heavy machinery... lol

And, isn't it wonderful... new things just kept on coming into being.... lol 8-O

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