Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The call

In life, there are so many things unknown.

It is the unknown, I guess, that make the process of living worthwhile.

I call God every night after I tuck myself in to go nite nite.

Despite all the calling God the bad names, every night, I call for help...

With the most sincere call..

"God, Help me."

And, every night, I hear...

"You are helped."
(OK... I know there is such thing called auditory hallucination or maybe that is just my head getting so very conditioned to be giving myself an automatic response whenever it perceives the sentence. Sort of like the automatic response you set up on your email account when you go on vacation. Or, shall there really be a God, maybe that was just the automatic response that is being sent through God's wireless mail... 8-O lol)

Therefore, never a day do I doubt the everyday help I receive from all and their thoughts...

You are helped.

Three words so very simple.

A phrase I hear every night...

Shall I believe in it...

I open my eyes too all seamless acts that weave up all the help and support.

And, I see more...

Call it the shaping of a mental model...

Call it the implication of the behaviorist approach--- practice makes perfect or pure conditioning.

Embedded in life are all the good, the bad and the everything else in between.

Be scare not
All to see
You would just be sticking your head in the sand and keep looking for the stars (although you might eventually reach the stars when you eventually dig a tunnel so deep that it goes all the way to the other side of the planet 8-O lol)

See it all
Hear it all
Feel it all
all is none
until the point
when you see just it
when you see what you perceive is just the perceptions
when you see perceptions equates not to interpretations
when you see what Maxine Greene really means when she commented on the confusions of interpretations

Does it feel better to smile at the good or dwell in the bad?

Such were the lessons
My voices
Told and taught (learned or not... I am not quite sure).

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