Monday, January 14, 2008

How much did each of the 唐詩三百首 cost?

When I was still much much younger... my daddy and mommy and teachers asked us to memorize those poetry written in so very strange kinda ancient Chinese language.

I did not know why they did it.

I did try very hard because, at some point, my dad told me that...

for each poem you memorized, I give you 5 dollars... (I think and Taiwanese dollars of course... lol)

Then, for a long long time, I got stuck at the big bird poem because it was the 唐詩三百首-- poem number 1...

And, for a long time, daddy laughed at me... how far did that 孤鴻 fly? lol

Then, I found a way to, sort of cheat----

五言絕句 was the kind of poems that contains 4 sets of 5 words.... 20 words in total.

A much better deal than 七言絕句-- 4 sets of 7 words... 28 words in total.

And, of course, a much sweeter deal than those 律詩--- 8 sets of 5 or 7 words...

As a result, after the big bird and a few others, I moved on to the sweetest deal.... and, must have memorized all 五言絕句 in 唐詩三百首..... lol

But, of course, after a while, you just start doing it for the sake of doing it... though...

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