Sunday, January 27, 2008


I was asked this question the other day, "Are you jealous?"

And, thinking back... I have been asked this question so many a time.

I could still recall that jealous kinda feeling when this ex of mine spoke softly with this ex girl friend of his and told her that she was a rose with thorns (ya, I am very gifted in finding jackasses like this... and I haven't forgotten the word jackass... lol)

I could still remember how it felt when someone else' work was given more significance than mine.

When my sister was getting ready for her most recent trip abroad, I looked into myself and say... "Am I jealous?"

Then, when I was trying to get to work while others me passing by, I thought about it, "are you jealous?"

Then, I thought about my own sense of jealousy and what it entails.

Perhaps, it is just my pride that has boo boo and perhaps, it is just somebody else stole the fulfillment of my desire... (just like that 200 something million dollar worth of mega million was actually mine except for someone had it stolen) 8-O lol

In any case, they don't make me feel good and since rats are well known for their aversion for displeasing kinda thing (ya, they say if rats have runs after drinking chocolate milk, they won't drink it again although rats love chocolate milk a lot), I am not too kin to find opportunities to get myself feeling bad if it is possible.

And, that is why, when I was asked, I said, "No, why do I want to be jealous?"

And, I guess, since pain and moving are two major concerns in my head, luckily, the concept of jealousy is still a bit too esoteric at this stage---

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