Friday, January 18, 2008


So many a day I walked out...

Estimating... the level of energy

To the day when I sensed
The scenario described in my previous posting...

All I have is blank

Heavy isn't it my lips to raise
A smile to give

That's not yet the hit by the truck kinda depression
It is the depressed like a dog kinda depression

So I think


Last night
Wrath me visit
Sloth me visit
A perfect storm in my heart
Accompanied them the ray of lights
To see

Much more I ask not
This much I request

I don't wanna be angry

A genuine smile to give from my heart
That's it

How grand is it?

In the morning I woke
Wreckage my heart and soul
Going along I
My everyday things

When wrath in place
So life speaks
Uplifted again
Energizer Bunny 8-O lol

Such is but the ordinary protocal
To come out of the dark
Into the light
To look back at Depression

Coming Out Of The Dark lyrics
Gloria Estefan

Coming Out Of The Dark
Gloria Estefan

Why be afraid if I'm not alone
Though life is never easy the rest in unkown
Up to now for me it's been hands against stone
Spent each and every moment
Searching for what to believe

Coming out of the dark, I finally see the light now
It's shinning on me
Coming out of the dark, I know the love that saved me
You're sharing with me

Starting again is part of the plan
And I'll be so much stronger holding your hand
Step by step I'll make it through I know I can
It may not make it easier but I have felt you
Near all the way

(repeat chorus)

Forever, forever I stand on the rock of your love
Forever I'll stand on the rock
Forever, forever I stand on the rock of your love
Love is all it takes, no matter what we face

(chorus out)

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