Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My mom's most precious pride

It has been the grievous struggle
in my life
to redeem
to reclaim
the optimal of its existence
My mom's most precious pride

So I have screwed up
Many a time I tried
The inner beauty to recover
The outer scaring
A different task of mine

Many a month
Many a day
On the Road to redemption
I felt
I failed
My mom's most precious pride to take care of

The guilt
That strong sense of guilt
That eats you from inside...

months soaking in fabric softener
Many a piece of sand paper
Another few days in baking soda

Your beauty... up to a certain degree
The up most I could do...
My mom's most precious pride

You were much worse off... such I won't show...


to some

The image might already be too gross...

You are doing much better... such I do know...

Despite some inevitable scaring

On the road to redemption

Now I know...

Many more a time will there be

In the kitchen

Mama me say....

Other than the three daughters I gave birth to

This pot we bought is my most precious pride

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