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Deadly romantic

"七世夫妻" could be the most deadly romance... like what you would expect in Romeo and Juliete except for the couple has to die 6 times before they finally got together for a happy ending.

It started from the story about God got mad a man and a woman in heaven and kicked them down to earth (sounds like Adam and Eve 8-O). The punishment for them was to be in love forever while not able to be together for at least 6 lives (wow... they could compete really with cats).

孟姜女與萬杞梁 秦國

孟姜女's husband got recruited to build the great wall. 孟姜女 went all the way to look for his husband except for his husband was already dead and buried under the great wall. As a result, 孟姜女 cried and cried and cried till the fundation of the great wall fell apart and finally found her husband's body. (Wow.. that's some serious lung power-- I bet she was no smoker... )

梁山伯與祝英台 東晉

祝英台 was a girl who went to school under the disguise of a boy. 梁山伯 was her classmate. They fell in love. Then, 祝英台's parents got her home and wanted her to marry another rich man. Before her wedding, 梁山伯 got sick and died. Before 祝英台 went to the groom's house, she requested the wagon to stop at 梁山伯's tomb... the tomb opened up, 祝英台 ran into the tomb to die together with 梁山伯... and the two of them turned into, flying away, butterflies.

郭華郎與王月英 唐朝 Tang Dynasty
郭華郎 sells cosmetics while 王月英 is the manager of a shop. The two of them arranged to meet by a temple outside of the town. 郭建中 had a party at home and could not make it on time while 王月英 thought he had changed his mind. She left her chose by the stairs and ran home in despair. When she got home, she got a cold and a high fever. When 郭建中 arrived, he realized that he missed the appointment--- also got sick after he got home. Both died of the cold and love sick.

(Ratprinces 言: I suspect the stress might have taken a toll on their immune system. Shall telephone or email has been invented that time, we might have been able to save their lives-- while, today, they would have been long dead anyway. 8-O Also, maybe it is actually pride the poison that took their life. )

王十朋與錢玉蓮 宋朝 Sung Dynasty

王十朋 and 錢玉蓮 were betrothed when still in womb by parents of both parties. Then 玉蓮's mother died, father died, and stepmother was very nasty to her to the extent that she throwing herself into the sea. After 王十朋 became the first in the highest imperial examination, he came back to get marry to 錢玉蓮, only to find out that she already past away. In grief he also got sick and died. And, so I heard, the two of them have not even met... 8-O


The fathers of 商琳 and 秦雪梅 were very good friends. In front of all governmental officials, 秦雪梅's father announced that he will marry his daughter to 商琳. Then, when 秦雪梅's father found 商琳's family to be on the decline, he refused to marry his daughter to him. 商琳 got sick afterwards. To save 商琳's life, 秦雪梅's father married his maid 愛玉 to 商琳 instead of his own daughter-- and the two of them had a child. Much later, 商琳 realized that it was not 秦雪梅 who was his wife and died in anger. 秦雪梅 decided to raise the child together with 愛玉 and lived in widowhood 商琳.

韋燕春與賈玉珍 明朝 Ming Dynasty

韋燕春 and 賈玉珍 met each other by an old well and it was love at first sight. The two of them made an appointment to meet by the "Blue Bridge" that night at mid night. 賈玉珍 got there earlier... all of a sudden, there came a storm... To keep her own words, 賈玉珍 would not leave and eventually got drawn by the bridge. When she died, her hands were still holding on to the bridge. When 韋燕春 finally arrived, he found her drown and he killed himself by throwing himself into the water.

This, though, is not the same 抱柱信 李白 referred in 長干行.

李奎元與劉瑞蓮 明末清初 The end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty

When 李奎元 was on his way back to visit his home town, he found the 劉 family looking for a son in law through martial contests. That's how he married 劉玉蓮. This ends the thousand year long tragedies that lasted for 7 reincarnations.

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