Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In love

I sold a set of stamp on Jan. 3rd called "Lexicon of love."

I thought to myself today.... perhaps the buyer did not want it... I might as well get my final fee back from ebay and get ready to have this stampset relisted when ebay get another listing promotion.

I should have sent the buyer another message before going through ebay... however, I didn't... and let's blame depression for making me amotivated in doing such curtesy.

Then, before I even stepped out, the item was paid and, along with me, I, the stampset, took and to the post office we went--- to get one step closer to the closing of the transaction.

After I got back, I sent the buyer an email to apologize for the seemingly rude act on my part.

The buyer responded with the speed of light...

Then, in her email I saw the following quote from her daughter (and got the permission to use this quote)...

"I was in love with him before we went out and then he was just annoying lol
guys are so much better when you have a crush on them and they just stand there and look pretty...."

8-O lol

In plain word, so simple, spoken, what I should have long known.... 8-O lol

It was last night I checked
folder titled "Spam"

Somehow I have been getting all the emails from True.com
(might have something to do with the ad I placed on some of the personal websites)
Somehow gmail filtered them all as spam

I got winked
I got emails
GUYS want me to date... :-D
(hahaha... still got some market value here at least online :-x)

Then, it occurred to me...

What the hell did I say in my profile?

Back to true.com
Up and down I looked
Links and links I clicked...

The profile of my own

Not too much
Not even a photo...
Other than a bunch of radio buttons that I clicked through

At least 8 messages I got

What about Match.com?

"I might be someone empathic but being submissive is not my department "
About me
So I put

6 messages I got

Yahoo personal?
21 messages I got
Since profile back up

"Too much reality is not what people want."
So I said.
and they really don't want too much of the reality
So I think...
Guess such phrase has a better selling point... lol

Then, Today, the quote I read

And, I thought
For Men, too, the quote
Vice versa....

Then, last night, all the new messages I saw...

Pay rent first
Forget about the registration fees

Or, simply
Chicken shit or lazy bone
for an irregular state of neurotransmitters to induce
to be in love

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