Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Herniated disk

Since I do not have my MRI films, especially not them in digital format, I looked for some of the MRI images online that looks sort of like my condition.

This is something you could see in my cervical spine except for this guy has stenosis at c4-5, I have C5-6, C6-7 and central herniation some other places C3-4, C4-5. In addition, my cervical spine is also streightened which makes it less curvy.

This is the MRI of someone with Thoracic herniation. They say it is very uncommon to have herniation in your thoracic spine. However, some people like me are just so gifted... 8-O lol sigh

The most common of thoracic herniation is between T10-11 which is also where mine is. If the hernia makes the space where the spinal fluid flows smaller, you would call it stenosis, which is I suspect, what this guy has (and it look, from the picture, as if the disk is actually pressing down to the spinal cord... God bless this guy--- but what do I know... me no doctor only have all my hernia).

This one looks very much like what I have... also at L4-5. Since my spinal cord and this guy's doesn't run all the way down to L4-5 (depending on individuals), we don't have stenosis-- we just have herniation here. lol

This is a picture showing you how the herniated disk came out of its place and causes impingment on the nerve-- which means the disk comes out of its place and pushes down on your nerve root all the time. (Think of it this way-- how would you like to be pushed all the time? No wonder the nerves would go crazy... lol)

Normal People's Lumbar..

Normal people this and the next picture is what your healthy lumbar spine looks like...

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