Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Because I could not contribute

Because I could not contribute and I have not contributed to much to this world, I share with you my thoughts and my reflections.

If you find something interesting, possibly it is another manifestation of the mental model theory and alike

Shall there be one thing or two that are useful to you in my verbal diarrhea, please take them with you and make it your own.

It is because I could grow and grow and learn and learn....

Yet, one day I will be--- oops--- gone--- evaporate like bubbles into the atmosphere and the thing I learn and think of would be--- oops--- useless to me like they have never been visited before... 8-O lol

Yearning for stale donuts?
You and me, one stale donut sorta moldy, what about it? ;-)
:-D lol

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