Sunday, January 27, 2008

The post

If you could read my mind by now, you would have expected this posting to come out...

There seems to be nothing more to say anymore.

Some things I am not yet ready to say while other things I have said and guess there is no need for me to repeat myself like a broken record unless I am under the influence of my verbal diarrhea episode (and it is really amazing that diarrhea is the word so very often used by me yet I still do not know to this day how it correctly to spell.. lol).

Two words could be used if you want me to summarize the postings I have published in these past few years.

And, it doesn't really matter what these 2 words are for me. The important thing is shall there be word(s) for you, what would they be?

Yet, in my heart, I have given you my words (please check the text under the title of the blog). As a result, unfortunately, I will not stop. lol

If you are tired of my mumble jumble, go do something else.

If you find me getting too lazy even to describe events, feel more than free to post the scenarios you could think of as a comment to make my mumble jumble more contextual.

For you, I will find words.

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