Thursday, January 17, 2008


Spasm is my friend
Today I thought
When, in the middle of my walk
My body went spasmo

The body got so tight
Inch by inch
from back down to your feet
Lumbar compression down to left feet
Thoracic down to the right

Body so tight that I bent down to give a bow...

Then I thought...

Is it the body stretching itself
The jelly squeezed out of the donut
With gravity and tightened muscles
Nerve to compress

Is spasm the body's natural instinct
The jelly to desqueeze
To a certain extent?

Spasm is
in disguise
My friend

Having been there for me
all these time
each every step (lol)

Thou art my friend
(Let's see whether this buttering up is gonna get spasm to be more $%@#^^&** lol)

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