Friday, January 11, 2008

You know that feeling (perhaps you not)

Today a lady next to me on the bench
she sat

My people
I know

To me she said

"I hate people.
You know the feeling inside that tell you people to hate.
You know."

"Are there people you hate?"
She asked.

"It takes a lot of work someone to hate."
"There's someone who you like."
"There's some who you like not."
I responded

"Don't worry too much about people to hate."

"Does it make you feel good people to hate?"
I asked

So she responded.

"Are there people whom you love?"
"Are there people who, you, love?"

She said

the people whom you love
who, you, love

That's all that you need to remember
That's all that you need to know

Across the Broadway I walk

Looking back

She moved on

Someone her hate not
She felt
I know
Vice versa

Her thoughts might be simple
Pointed out
One of the most profound thought that I often forget and mostly, I guess, forget

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Useless life

How do you know that your life is truly useless?

When they tell you it is Friday but you still not believe in it....


Where did all those days go... at least, where was Thursday--- ya--- the once upon a time Thursday when Friday thereafter followed?

Then, tonight, I walked up to those stairs to see the bar....

All energized... all the youths....

Not until when at home I arrived...

Another day of my insignificant life...


I know

It shall end


At this Point

Such feeling I still know....

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