Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An American Husband for Ratprincess wanted!!!

Ratprincess is running out of time looking for an American man to get married to.

Please do respond, American man, in case you are interested.

I am still relatively cute (if not HOT) and still get ID for buying cigarettes.

Recently, I have been able to push myself to walk up to 30 steps at a time without having to stop.

My psychotic and neurotic symptoms haven't been causing me too much inconvenience either and I religiously take my daily drugs. lol

I don't have too many things other than the things I am trying to redistribute in my room... in addition, neither do I have loans.... (cuz aliens get no loans for schools--- guess that's what you call blessing in disguise and such shall be a plus... :-O lol).

An absolutely fabulous psychotic and neurotic handicap to keep!! lol (Wow... where else could you get a deal so great! :-D)

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