Thursday, January 3, 2008


I had my hair washed today before going to see outside the big beautify world.

I had my hair dried not... tied it up with the hairband and wrapped my head around with my table cloth (how my sister had it called).

I got my cup of coffee and conversed with my people-- in meows and in words.

I, then, walked down to the sun....

In the middle of Broadway
A bench I sat on
Eyes closed
Enjoying the warmth from the glory sun
shining generously on my face

At some point
I had the hairband taken off
Let the hair fall
Through the opening of my table cloth
in windchill
They say--
below freezing point

I sat for how long
Such I do not know

One thing I knew was...
At some point
something I felt on my hair
only to realize...

First time in my life
My hair turned

Amazing wonders in this unimaginable world

(then I went home
another cup of coffee at hand
Hair dryer
My head to defrost)

8-O lol

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