Sunday, January 6, 2008

First day by the park

First time since at least 8 months since I was able to walk to the park.... up above the slope (still a bit too much work lol), roadside, close to where the children jumping rope.

I sat on a bench facing the bare trees and the still river-- glittering in a distance, see no movement at all while never a moment of stillness at all.

I decided to take a clip of the beautiful quietness. All of a sudden, birds started singing...

youtube we will go...
ratology we will land...

perhaps, that's what they sang...
(OK, this part is called imagination... not delusion and the birds actually look sort of like the one in the first house mouse picture... 8-O lol)

resting by trees with bare branches
many more hours with jolly companies

Birds flying
Squirrel jumping
Wind blowing
Even the sun out to make a scene
Through the clouds are the blue skies
Of course
Happy Pedestrians, me passing

t'is about the time
Behind the clouds the sun rests
Another beautiful day
Night Night

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