Tuesday, January 1, 2008


It was again, once upon a time, when I cared not... how many steps I could take...

Then, there came a time, when I asked my physical therapist...

"Am I forgetting
how to walk
how to go up and down the hill?"

Wasn't I and Am I so very scared....

The inability
My used-to-be ordinary gaits
to regain.

Such feeling could I understand not
Such fear could I appreciate not
Such dilemma could I imagine not
Taking a break
Such need could I comprehended not

many a month and a day

I come to understand...

What one blogger once wrote
what I read
8 months or so ago

How no one could understand (including oneself)
How no one else could explain (not even the experts)
How mechanical structure equates not to experiences

the inevitable
takes its toll
you just have to take in the tolls and its collateral

Yet, I try... forget not... all I have seen.... all I have been... forget not

One day swiftly walk I will
One day march a thousand miles I will
One day take no break I will
One day hurry on I will

When that day come
Forget me not
All the nothingness it takes
Allthingness I have been granted
To learn
To walk

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