Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How am I wrong-- cont.

It definitely would give me a sense accomplishment or higher level of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-everything-otherwise-not-specified shall I simply accept the possibility that...

Lord... Now I am transformed and transcended and bla bla bla...

Unfortunately, such could I not for all competing hypotheses have their place in me...

The most immediate hidden danger I see now is that the state of my neurotransmitters as a result of the interplay among my mental health conditions and the side effects of the medications.

Another day out and about...

Another day in my vacuous zen kinda moment... (be it real zen or not).

Another day when nothing in the head... other than the external and internal stimuli created by my own pneumocephalic head.

On the bench
under the sun I sat
propensity for seasonal depression to defy
wishful thinking and self-fulfilling prophesy, hopefully

On the bench
People I see
All lively

To myself I thought
Such is the need for this point on
pseudo-zen to debunk
Developmental inappropriate state of being to deconstruct
Desensitization to events to annul

Mistakes to make
Tall tails to tell
People ill to speak of
Words to keep not
Jealousy to feel
Anger to engulf
Others to demean
Crimes to commit

To Seek
To Live
A life
In carne in ouzo

Yet, before the yes yes to get listed...
Spoke me to myself
Why imposing so much, unnecessary, to thyself
While the first thing to try
speak to your psychiatrist next time and see whether, with a lower doze of antipsychotic, you could back again turning to be a meow always ready to meow

Idiocy, thy name is Ratprincess--- eeeekkkkkkkkk

Before that...

seek wrong in all minor things and get yourself aggravated if you can and if such is what you want....

Can you not or want you such not...

Let it be and some other bs topic to seek.


And, by the way, find other things to do to keep your useless head busy.

Such is the dilemma for people with too much time in their hand...


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