Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lucy la

Tonight with a friend I spoke

Once upon a time
I was that Lucy
Partners in crime
Lucy and me

Lucy should be in Shanghai
Lucy back to Vancouver
Lucy packing up to Milano Italiano to study

You marry yet?
I asked

So Lucy Said

what about we grow up together as old spinster?
since not too far from reality"
So I suggested.

"That can happen."
So Lucy replied.

"Why don't you find a guy to get married?"
"Why don't you not?"

Such the worst topic
To bring up... lol

Both spinsters,
once upon a time engaged
never gotten to do that walking on the red carpet thing

12 years apart
9 years with less than 5 times each other to contact
Twice her seen since our paths depart

Tasteless like water the friendship
Lucy and me

Multiple starting points
same local minimum
Solution yet to converge (perhaps)...
The Lucy dilemma

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