Saturday, January 5, 2008

Today in church I went

Today in church I went......

Intended not
what I saw on the the way to the post office I went

Much granted I felt
Throughout the hour or 2 of my stay...

to sin a bit or 2 I tried
Whatever it takes
Including getting drunk all the way up in the heights

To sin, to the things I understand must...
A letter from a friend
I reread must

In sobriety
things I comprehend not
In diminished mental capacity
more I hear must

in between the line I read...

sorry they felt
the crutches on me they saw (even though canes, at times, me to support)
Such make them feel
For me

Responsibilities others to impose
Such will I not
Such shalt I not

Up to the street a smoke I inhaled
in cold
so I thought

Perhaps, and, possibly
for long
or longer than I have thought

Making others me responsible
Such I have done

Worse off

Me attempting to defy such possibility
conscious or not
One of 7 deadly sins

That's all

My Life
For me not
Responsible (other than all parties I wish to sue but unfortunately could I not lol sigh)

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