Friday, January 4, 2008

The problem with my writing if not thinking

When rereading my previous mumble jumble, I got an insight... (which I thought of myself-- seriously)

Ya, other than the obvious typos and syntactical errors that I, at times, don't really quite care to correct (and thank God for giving me the excuse of being ESL... such is my congenital right, apparently... lol)

Anyway, my high school teacher used to try to correct my propensity for leaving words blank or using phonetic symbols when thoughts going and calligraphy writing a bit too slow (and me forgot how that word to write lol)... Then, she started to deduct something like 1 or 5 points each time she saw the blanks and phonetic symbols to the point that A papers always ended with failing grades. Guess what happens after all.... I still got blanks and phonetics everywhere in my essays lol --- after she attempted all.... (bad bad bad)

In addition, this ending with my thinking with the sense of the uselessness of my own thinking is getting too old. :-/

There's gotta be something else... of which I can not yet conceive.

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