Saturday, January 12, 2008

The price it take on ratprincess to love

It takes a toll, should be, on ratprincess to love...

From the beginning, a soul so very young--- filled with nothing but rudeness and rawness...

In youth, somehow, we learn to forgive to return the favor of our own youthfulness


All imperfection... all you could speak of....

Then, in all conceivable imperfection... that I could take....

Then, in some people's heart, that I sense, deep down in my heart,

I know,

some people me love

Despite of all

People me love

It take a toll
me myself to love

Me imagine not

The toll on them
Me to love

A Bordon so unbearable
People me to love

A bordon on people
To Love

When could you me to teach
Me myself
(for such is how all imperfections are revealed.)

How could I such dilemma to impose
A soul so imperfect
To Learn
To Love

A lesson
Yet to be learned
Me myself

shall you know
Thank you is not sufficient
The word)

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