Tuesday, January 1, 2008

To have it all---

It is not so bad
at times
to have it all (ok...exaggerations here lol)

to defend
no longer
require me not

I have plenty
Never not enough
Illusions, the less evil
I need not

All the pains to cope
I am forced to learn
Cognitive process to stop
To see nothing at all
other than the inevitable hallucinations and delusions along the road
Through which I see
how I have been
all my years
A prize-fighting chicken without a head
Wings flapping
to fend
in fear
Who I am not
What I have not

To have it all
I am full
What I have
Take it
Take some more and more
till you can't take no more

for this rat
not fear not
having not enough...
What a wonderful world! lol

(and feel free to give some to the others, God... and again, oops, my evil twin had sinned... lol)

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